Now that You Booked Affinity

Congratulations on booking your venue!

FOR STARTERS:  We will create a “working invoice” and email it to you.  Included on this invoice will be what we visit about when you initially book, your initial payment, and of course, we will include your catering and bar/beverage choices once you have a headcount and have made those decisions.   We will gladly provide an ESTIMATE on bar and catering if you would like that for budgeting purposes.  Remember, the final headcount is due 2 weeks before the wedding!

WEDDING PLANNING:  We are not official “wedding planners”, but due to all of our Inclusive options at Affinity like DJ, décor, and catering, we do need to meet a couple times to make sure we are on the same page with everything.  Plan for 2 separate planning meetings.   This first one is to get your planning started, look at décor, get some ideas, etc.  This can be upon reserving the venue or a few months into your planning if needed.  The final meeting will be in the month or so prior to your wedding to get everything finalized!  We take meetings Tuesday thru Thursday before 6pm is preferable, but exceptions for evening meetings can be made.  We are more than happy to answer questions in-between these meetings via email ANYTIME!

IN-HOUSE CATERING:  We have you covered!  Our catering service is amazing and you simply can’t beat the service for the price.  Options are limitless and price points for any budget plus we are more than happy to personalize a menu just for you. 

BAR SERVICES:   We suggest hosting all the beer, wine, and soda along with maybe a coffee bar, tea, and water stations.  We also have several other hosting options, and prices for every budget!  

IN-HOUSE DECORATING:  Included with any Inclusive wedding package, and available for an additional fee with the “wedding your way” package.  We use greenery, lanterns, candles, floating candles, wood slabs, signs, etc.  We decorate the tables, the arbor, courtyard, and mantle, provide all set up and clean up...even with additional items you bring in to personalize the look!

IN-HOUSE DJ:  Our DJ’s are EXCELLENT.  Please contact us for more information and prices. 

PHOTOBOOTH: unlimited time and unlimited single prints, fun props, and a flash drive with all images. Please contact us for pricing. 

CEREMONY OFFICIATE SERVICES:  We have several on-staff officiates who are all very professional and personable.   

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Now that I have my venue and date, what’s next?  A: Get your dress and photographer!  Also start thinking about what you want for décor, catering, and bar!

Q: How do I make payments?  A:  We have an online option that will be on the invoice email for bank transfer, or you can always send checks or money orders to 4800 S. Tujunga, Springfield MO.  If you want to make a card payment, no problem, you can email info, call or come by

Q:  What tables do I have?  How many centerpieces do I need??  A:  This will depend on headcount and personal preferences.  We will sit down for a planning meeting before your wedding! 

Q:  I want to bring in my friends and family to look at the venue and help me plan!  When can I do that?  A:  We are normally very available Tuesday thru Thursday, 9am-6pm thru the wedding season.  We also offer open events on occasion which are very fun!


-GIRLS will typically show up earlier to get ready, have some amazing girl time and enjoy mimosa's, a Bloody Mary bar or even a bridal brunch if you would like!  We like to celebrate the entire day and try to make it a FUN day for you and your girls!  Arrival time will depend on your ceremony start time, how much time you need to get ready, the package you are booking, whether you are doing your own décor or having us do it, etc. 10am is the earliest, but you probably want to be here by 2pm at the latest to get the most out of your wedding day!

-GUYS typically go do something during the day, and maybe hit up a nice barber for a fresh cut and shave, hit some golf balls, sleep in, anything but show up when the girls do.  The guys typically show up an hour or 2 before first look just to get dressed!  Sorry guys, the girls do not want you in their way all day, plus let’s be honest, there isn’t much for you to do by showing up early anyway. 

-OUR CREW will be busy getting everything ready for the day!  We will be sitting tables, setting up bars, finishing table and arbor décor, etc.  We will also be available to help you with anything you need, and serve drinks.

-YOUR GUESTS. We ask your regular guests to show up no more than 30 minutes prior to the wedding start time.  Any “early arrivals” for your wedding will be asked to enter on either the terrace or lower-level if they wish to come early and visit BEFORE the ceremony.  We can open a bar on the terrace or the black cat lounge for these guests if you are hosting!!  We will only allow immediate family, wedding party, anyone helping with décor, cake, etc into the upstairs and dining spaces BEFORE the ceremony.  Also, we strongly discourage children to show up while you are trying to get ready.  Remind bridesmaids and family members that there is nothing for children to do during the day...not to mention, they can be quite a nuisance FOR YOU when they’re under your feet in the bridal suite ALL DAY.  If they DO come early, they will need to stay either outside with an adult guardian, or in either the bridal suite or grooms room until AFTER the ceremony. Due to Covid, we must be strict on this.

-30 MINUTES PRIOR TO CEREMONY you will typically be in the bridal suite/grooms deck area waiting for the ceremony to start...and no worries, we will have met in advance on all details so our DJ and crew will make sure everyone is in the right place before we start. FOR NOW, start thinking about how you want everyone to walk for ceremony. Deck?  Terrace?  A mix??  You have options!

-AFTER CEREMONY you, maybe wedding party and immediate family will go finish photos while our DJ and staff get guests acclimated to reception (seating, bars, bathrooms, etc). This is a great time for a cocktail hour for your guests while you all finish photos!!

-RECEPTION starts with formal intros, maybe a welcome or blessing over the meal, bride and groom will have meals plated and served, then dinner service will start! Your Dj will release tables for dinner service and organize/announce everything!

-AFTER DINNER we start with toasts or speeches, cake cutting ceremony and cake plating, first dances, DJ and bar staff take over and you CELEBRATE for the rest of the night!


You are always welcome to bring in other event professionals, but remember, we want your wedding to go PERFECT...and are confident that every professional on this list will do an excellent job for you!  

Facials and skin care:   Before your wedding: HANDS DOWN we would suggest going to Paul Mitchel School (Kansas expressway and Battlefield road) starting the month before your wedding, and weekly up until your day!  You will not believe what a difference this will make in your overall complexion...and best part?  IT’S SUPER INEXPENSIVE!!  Grab your girls and do this!!  TRUST ME!!!!   Day of your wedding:  I like the girls at Luxe...Ashley Birdsong is the owner.  They will come to the venue and always do excellent work.  


As an inexpensive yet beautiful option, we offer a decorating service that includes greenery, candles, lanterns for centerpieces, and arbor sheers and greenery.  We do it all (set up and clean up) for $795.  A full price sheet and décor list should be included in your folder.

If you want fresh florals and a bit more of an extravagant touch to your decorating we suggest Jill with Artistry in Bloom and Josh with Linda’s flowers

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  We believe wedding photography is a very personal choice and there are many wonderful photographers out there! Here is a shortlist of our personal favorites.  No matter what you decide, we HIGHLY SUGGEST using a professional photographer over a “friend with a camera”.  There is a huge difference and when it comes to your wedding photos, we want the very best for you!

  1. Design (Jared), Swift Shots (Shann), Sean Reed, Sue with Unique Expressions

CAKES:   Chef Melissa (in-house) makes a mean dessert bar, cupcakes, and beautiful personal “wedding cake”, naked cakes, and more.  Also remember, when we provide the cake/cupcakes/desserts, we set it all up in a beautiful display-no need to rent cake stands, also we plate, serve, provide plates and forks, and clean up as part of our service. 

Want a more TRADITIONAL wedding cake?  Best outside bakery in the business:  Cake Worthy (Patty)

Remember, when you hire someone other than Chef Melissa to make your cake, we do not charge the outside catering fee but we DO CHARGE  based on total headcount to provide the plates, forks, service, cake plating, use of our cake stands and clean up.  You don’t have to pay this amount if you wish to have a friend or family member provide the cake plating service for you.

MENS FORMAL WEAR:  We highly recommend Paul Phillips and/or Karls Tuxedos  


Alan with All Occasion Video and Jared with J. Design 

HONEYMOON PLANNING:  Theresa Masterson. 417-880-4545

Theresa is also our in-house ceremony officiate!!


This is something you can easily do online...but if you would like a professional service to help you thru this process, we recommend Terrie at Paperworld and Martha with Gracious Occasions